The foundation of our business

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  • Fast and cheap option
  • Connecting every city
  • Fleet of over 80 trucks

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Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

Do you rent smaller trucks from your fleet?

We currently don't rent the trucks - we always have our professional driver. That doesn't mean you can't rent them out, but for legal reasons we cannot let you operate them.

How muct time in advance do I need to contact Global?

We always have free capabilities, so you don't need to plan ahead of time. The only concern is your distance to our fleet. Mauris sit amet arcu a diam imperdiet tempor. Suspendisse dapibus massa non maximus aliquam. In auctor metus sapien, a imperdiet nunc euismod vitae. Pellentesque porta, erat vestibulum cursus pretium, purus quam malesuada lectus, ornare venenatis odio augue quis sem. Pellentesque eleifend orci tempor lacus convallis blandit. Nam nec nibh eu odio imperdiet viverra. Quisque laoreet, mi venenatis ornare eleifend, urna nisl dapibus ante, at ultricies lectus arcu at est.

Do you offer warehousing services?

We offer warehousing services, but there are limited amount of warehouses we operate with so please check out our locations beforehand.

Have any question for us?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your questions answered.

Call Now 1-420-230-3493

Other Services

See what we specialize in and how we do it

Air Freight

Air freight is the fastest way to transport goods and we can deliver your cargo to any continent you want

Can you assist One

Road Transport

With over 80 trucks in our fleet, road transport is our speciality and best freight option

Short and long distance

Sea Cargo

Majority of our transport is being made with ships, that can carry heavy loads and deliver load anywhere

Most reliable cargo